Features & Terms of Use

Your Tulane Splash Card is more than your university ID. It has many other uses that fall into three categories: identification card, method of payment, and building access. See the menu below to learn more about each of these categories 



University ID Card: The Tulane Splash Card identifies you as a member of the Tulane community and includes your name, photo, and classification. Please keep your Tulane Splash Card with you at all times. Your Splash Card is non-transferable. If your card is lost, simply report your lost or stolen card through Gibson Online.

Library Card: Use your Tulane Splash Card at Howard Tilton Memorial Library, Law School, and the Rudolph Matas Library.

Athletic Event Tickets: Your Tulane Splash Card is used at the Green Wave Ticket Office to pick up your free football tickets, and at the student entrance gates for basketball, volleyball, and baseball games. For more information concerning ticket eligibility, please contact the Ticket Office at 504-861-WAVE.

Print Card: Each semester, full-time undergraduate students receive a $25 printing allowance for use in the computer labs. This allowance expires if not used within the semester. Once a student exhausts this allowance, Splash Cash is the only way to purchase prints.

Dining Plan Card: First- and second-year students are required to participate in a dining plan. All other students, faculty, and staff may elect to participate in a voluntary dining plan. Once enrolled, your Splash Card will serve as your dining plan.


Splash Cash: Just maintain a balance in your Splash Cash account and enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all across campus and all NOLAbuck$ off-campus businesses, without carrying cash or credit cards. This money never expires, it rolls over from year to year.  Any unused money is refunded, upon request.    

Accounts Receivable Charge Card: Currently enrolled full-time students may charge purchases to their Accounts Receivable account. Charging is permitted only at the bookstores, McAlister Market, Le Gourmet, Technology Connection, Architecture Digital Lab, Student Health Center/Pharmacy, and the Campus Services Office.

NOLAbuck$: When you add NOLAbuck$ to your dining plan, the Splash Card may be used at various local restaurants and businesses. Click here to see a list of businesses around town where you can use your card.

Wavebuck$: Wavebuck$ are retail dollars built into the various dining plans that can be spent at any Tulane University Dining Services retail location.


Building & Perimeter Access Card: Your Splash Card is also a door access card. Depending on your enrollment and housing status, the card grants you access to various secured buildings on campus. This includes residence halls, academic facilities, the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, and Reily Recreation Center.

Residence Hall Room Key: Students living in residence halls with electronic door locks access their rooms with their encoded Splash Card. You won't have to worry about losing a key.

Terms of Use

University ID Card

The Tulane Splash Card identifies you as a member of Tulane University, and includes your name, photo, and classification. Please keep your Tulane Splash Card with you at all times while on campus. Your Tulane Splash Card is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

The Tulane Splash Card is the property of Tulane University. It is entrusted to students, faculty, and staff members enrolled in or employed by the University. The user understands the card is used only by them and is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Participating vendors may require additional identification to ensure the person using the Splash Card is the owner of the card.

All sales transactions are debited from the cardholder's account. The cardholder is responsible for observing the transaction and for monitoring his/her own account. Students are responsible for debit and meal plan transactions that are processed when the system is in an "offline" mode. Cardholders may request a statement of transaction from Campus Services.

This card is for university identification and must be carried by the named individual at all times. It should be presented as proof of identification upon request by any University official. This card is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The lending of this card to anyone or the possession of another person's ID card, is a violation of university regulations and may result in confiscation of the card and loss of privileges.

Report lost or stolen cards immediately to Campus Services. The university is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of this card. If lost, a replacement fee will be charged.

If a card is found, please return to:
Tulane University Campus Services
6823 St. Charles Avenue
107 Lavin-Bernick Center
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118-5672


You may be liable for the unauthorized use of your ID. You will not be liable for unauthorized use that occurs after you notify Campus Services at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118-5698, in writing of the loss, theft, or possible unauthorized use. In any case, your liability will not exceed $50. Account balances are fully refundable to matriculated students and those who withdraw from the University. All other refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee. All refunds are subject to the student's Accounts Receivable account being paid in full. The balance of a student's account is carried over from semester to semester until the student graduates or formally withdraws. No partial refunds will be given at any time.

The cardholder agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures specified by the university and the Tulane Splash Card program. Violations of such rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures may result in the cancellation of the cardholder's account. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of this card will apply to all cards in the circulation and use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.

Error Resolution

  • If there is an error on a receipt or activity statement or the cardholder would like more information about a specific transaction, contact Campus Services by telephone at (504) 865-5441 or by mail within sixty (60) days of noticing the error. In the event of verbal notification, Campus Services may require that the cardholder submit written notification within 10 business days.
  • When making a request for an adjustment to the account, the cardholder must furnish the following information:
    • The cardholder's name and account number;
    • A description of the transaction in question and explanation of the discrepancy;
    • The dollar amount of the transaction in question.
  • Campus Services will investigate the cardholder's request and provide a written decision to the cardholder within 10 business days. If an error is found, Campus Services will make the necessary adjustments to the cardholder's account. If no error is found, Campus Services will provide the cardholder with a written explanation within three business days of the conclusion of the investigation. The cardholder may request copies of the document(s) used to conduct the investigation.

Return merchandise is accepted according to the refund policy in force when the goods or services were purchased. Returned purchases made with the Tulane Splash Card are credited to the account balance. Cash refunds are not given. When a card is lost or stolen, the account balance is not protected until the card is reported missing to Campus Services. Only the account balance at the time the card is reported lost/stolen and invalidated can be protected. There is a $30 card replacement fee.